Thursday, 12 December 2013

Tell Tale Signs that I'm Middle Aged #1

I used to throw them to one side - the growing pile of junk mail used to irritate me until the morning when I could self righteously place my enormous mountain of unwanted paper into the recycling.

Then, somewhere between 35 and today I discovered the unknown joy of seeing my 'innovations', kleeneze and other brochures plop through the letterbox: promising a life of ease and warmth!

Now instead of a customary Tut they are greeted with a frisson of anticipation as I put them to one side to 'read later with a nice cup of coffee'!

Who wouldn't melt with desire over the electric foot warming boot (in brown) or the Blanket with arms to snuggle up and watch Downton in of a winter's night. Here I have a found a world of many, many things I never realised I can't live without..the famous 'must haves' of this season (or should that be middle age?)... And now for the next stage in life - old age, when I buy these for myself. At present my mother is a past master at sending these items randomly to each of her, (admittedly) middle aged children - and so I bow to the inevitable march of time and acknowledge I am, indeed middle aged and I do secretly enjoy snuggling in my enveloping tent with my TV Remote tidy securely fastened to the arm of my chair!