Monday, 6 January 2014

Tell Tale Signs I'm Middle Aged #5

My Perfect Friday Night used to start at 11 p.m. with the rest of the weekend from Saturday afternoons onward for 'recovery'. Sometimes I remember keeping going until my eventual collapse on a Sunday night - ready for the week then... bright eyed and bushy tailed (Not).

Now Fridays involve a 'nice bottle of red/white/rose' whilst watching 'worthy', subtitled, Scandinavian detective series. I don't like lie ins as my body clock can't cope with significant changes - so I 'try' to do 'interesting' things like gardening, cooking (Nigella, Hairy Bikers, Recipes - will discuss Heston's recipes but not really for trying at home) and regardless of weather, visiting 'interesting and historical' places. And of course Sat Evenings are for eating results of cooking and watching family 'favourites' such as Strictly..., Celebrity Pointless and anything like 'Merlin' or Dr Who.... Sunday evenings are for 'lovely' escapist dramas like 'Downton' and another 'nice bottle'...

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