Monday, 20 January 2014

Tell Tale signs I'm Middle Aged #10

My 'top totty list' has aged with me. Suddenly, I find men in their fifties attractive.... yuck (says my sixteen year old self) oh yeah? Brad Pitt is nearly fifty, if he isn't there already... Jonny Depp... Mark Foster...(former Olympic Swimmer)...It's time for me to face it, I am ageing along with my favourite 'eye candy'. And suddenly, 'silver foxes' and 'lived in faces' pull on my heart strings.

Today's top totty, just doesn't do it for me... I mean, Beiber, Harry Styles, R-Pat - they are just children aren't they? No older than my nephews - nope I am embracing my attraction to the more mature man - I realise too that I am willing to accept 'cuddly' and home loving and settled in the men that appeal to me in real life. A bit like my current need for comfy slippers and pyjamas rather than silk and mules for my nightwear!

Yep, I know I'm middle aged, because my fantasy men have become like a pair of old slippers: a bit crumpled, familiar, yet still with a 'soupcon' of the original appeal.

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