Thursday, 20 February 2014

My DBT 'Let that Emotion Out' Playlist

Sometimes I don't want my self soothe to be an opposite emotion - sometimes I'm right to feel angry or frustrated - it is after all only a human response to some things in life. Not all these songs are obvious choices, but for me, sometimes the real power is in the lyrics and the expression of thoughts, particularly about injustices in life. Some you will naturally already guess at, just cos they let you bounce around the room and shout your feelings out - safely!

1. It's my Life - Talk Talk (beautiful expression of becoming an individual - No Doubt also did a brilliant cover).
2. Caught out There - Kelis (!)
3. My Life - Billy Joel
4. The Frog Princess - The Divine Comedy (best ever break up revenge song so clever and funny! - don't miss the guillotine)
5. I know where I've been - Hairspray soundtrack (This is righteous anger well articulated - great build up to crescendo)
6. Just a Girl - No Doubt
7. Not Ready to Make Nice - Dixie Chicks (for when you encounter assumptions and prejudices!)
8. Gives you Hell - All American Rejects (Just angry)
9. He had it coming - Chicago soundtrack
10.Road Rage - Catatonia

I guess this falls into Emotion Regulation rather than Distress Tolerance as it is a way of accepting emotions such as anger, but equally being able to express it safely is part of managing distress. Listen and move to the music until the crest of the wave of emotion has died down - it should be easier to manage and 'sit with' afterwards. HINT: Don't focus on the cause of your anger as you listen, try to focus on letting the song express your anger or frustration and let it go at the end.

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