Monday, 17 February 2014

Calm Reflection

I love this picture - mainly because its colours are unexpected. Normally I associate 'calm' with 'cool' colours: blues, greens, etc. The red tones bring a new dimension to what could be a cliched image. This is another image that I use for Distress Tolerance. Especially to cool the heat of anger - I can either imagine myself in the boat, or as a swimmer, in the calm, cool water.

I can imagine the ripples travel outward from my dive into the glass like surface. The thoughts that fuel my anger can be allowed to attach to each ripple and float away from me and finally disappear into infinity. I can go further and imagine the cooling water covering my head and as I resurface receding slowly and soothingly over my head and down onto my shoulders. As I do so, I imagine the anger that is held in tension in my jawline, neck and shoulders and I focus on releasing the emotion as my muscles relax one by one.

Or, if I allow myself to remain in the boat I can lie back and watch the clouds move gently across the sky. Again, any troubling thoughts or judgements can be allowed to attach to the clouds and float away. Physical relaxation can focus on noticing each part of my body, imagining it stretched out in the boat,and allowing muscles to relax as I watch negative thoughts float away above me.

That's how I would use this image - spending five or ten minutes just focusing where I am and then leaving any anger or tension behind as I 'return' to my snuggle chair and home.

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