Thursday, 9 January 2014

10 Ways my Dog makes me smile

1. She has a cute furry face with very brown eyes.javascript:void(0);

2. She thinks she is the same size as every other creature she comes across - from chihuahua to great dane, from toddler to adult males - therefore she reacts with the same level of excitement and lickage!

3. The way she grovels when I discover the bin bag contents scattered over the kitchen floor - ears down, cute crawling towards me, then paw offered in supplication... always works!

4. Her happy trot.

5. Her curious nature - she would never make a sledge dog as she follows her nose on walks (literally!)

6. Her capacity to come home from walks with other dogs' toys - good money saving tip.

7. Her look of embarrassment when going to the toilet 'in public' - she prefers a bit of privacy away in the woods, guys!

8. The way she holds her nose in her paws when sleeping.

9. The way she sneaks up behind me and 'dunts' me on the butt to let me know she's ready to play. (also encountered by my CPN on a home visit and by my friend - guess they're accepted members of the family, then).

10. She has been a constant companion and encouragement to me to get off my backside and get out in fresh air, when I feel down. She is reliably affectionate and knows and accepts my different moods.