Saturday, 9 November 2013

My Self Soothe Kit... What's in yours??

#Selfsoothe Box

As part of my DBT Distress Tolerance skills I have developed a range of ways of self soothing. In my box are:

1) a photo of my dog Smilla - she wouldn't fit but she gives me lots of cuddles and I enjoy walking (in all weathers) with her - DBT skills self soothe, opposite to emotion action and Exercise (PLEASE Skills).
2) Bag of chewy or fruity sweets - yum
3) Lovely fragrant shower gel/bath bubbles for long soaks
4) Ipod - lots of playlists including very cheesy pop for opposite to emotion and mindful listening - leads to dancing at times!
5) DVD box sets - Downton for escape, Homeland for distraction, others because they absorb me and give me a break from feeling.
6) Beads - feeling them helps to ground me when I am feeling anxious